About us

Pal Vedic Is An Herbal Cosmetic Brand. We Believe In Providing Nourishment To Your Skin And Hair With Natural And Herbal Products. Made In India, Pal Vedic Cares About Their Customers And Helps Them To Take Care Of Their Skin And Hair With Chemical Free Herbal Products.


A FSSAI And GMP Certified Company, Pal Vedic Hair And Skin Care Products Ensure High Quality And Safety. Pal Vedic Provides You with Hair and Skin Care Solutions and Brings a Wide Range of Cosmetic products for its customers to use daily for personal Skin and Hair Care.


The Product Catalogue Includes Hair Oil, Shampoo, Face Cream, Skin Cream, Massage Cream, Body Moisturizing Lotion, Talcum Powder, Gulabjal, Face Packs And Many More Daily Use Skin-Hair Care Products.